Our Photos Pre weight loss. Last time looking like this!

May 10, 2009 - Leave a Response

Uday Rao – 97 kg Joel Loh – 78kg


The plan

May 10, 2009 - Leave a Response

So how in blue blazes do we plan to do it?
 Like any well researched plan we intend to exercise AND eat right. It is very common that fitness n00bs (myself included) neglect the calorie intake portion of the equation. It doesn’t really work in our stead that we sometimes use “comfort” foods as a means to “check out” of our hectic lives just for a little while.


Furthermore, the food here on our sunny island of Singapore, we live under the impression that if you want to get good food, you should forget about trying to keep healthy. Shall explain a bit later on how we intend to get good food that is healthy and great tasting.


So 2 things. Exercise and eat right. Both tend to get pretty complicated when we read through some websites.

Thankfully some of our friends (thanks guys- you know who you are) are helping us with the exercise part of it. We shall be posting our exercise schedule for those who would like to support us or even be inspired by!


The Eat right part now. Whole lot tougher. Its so confusing and hard to know what is considered eating right. 5 meals ? 7 meals ? Steamed meat ( I am from a household that eats vegetarian food)

How do I know these eating plans work ?

Which diet to use? (Cambridge? South Beach ? Atkins? Yo yo? )

Would the diet be ideal for my body type or metabolism levels ?

Preparation looks like a hassle ( 20 grams of this 1 cut of that – in Cantonese its called “marfun” also known as cumbersome) – Where am I going to get the time to shop for the specific groceries ?

And the information on the internet is just overwhelming! Check outt the website below :


We want our food plan that has been prepared by someone else  and all we have to do is  follow the instructions:

 For example

1)    Eat a banana in container 1 at 2 pm

2)   Eat a bowl of pasta in container 4 at 5 pm


We scoured the internet for a company that caters to our health needs and health goals.  But to no avail we couldn’t find one! So we did the next best thing possible.

We formed a company that just does this! Called it Ideal Meals (for orders call 90025207 or email idealmeals@mail.com – working on corporate website for ordering process). With the help of qualified nutrionists we intend to provide ready made meals for the whole day (breakfast to dinner) for a period of time that the user would like for ( inline with their health goals – Weight loss / Muscle building or just keeping in shape). That way the eat right part is taken care of and is hassle free! No need to think anymore of whether what you are eating is right for you. 

What better way to try out the success of our product than on ourselves! 

Follow us on our journey on weight loss to the land of the fit and healthy. Share your thoughts / comments and JOIN IN! 


Uday and Joel

Pre amble

May 10, 2009 - One Response

2 men , a BIG problem , and an Ideal plan

Bonjour to all. 

My buddy  (Joel Loh) and I have a slight problem. Well its more than slight. Ok lets be realistic its a big problem. Both of us have weighty issues. After years of being content of being heavier than average Joel and I decided to lose weight. Reasons why ? 


1) Medical ( Joel is developing back problems whilst supporting his tummy and I have knee problems) 

2) Easier to know the ladies, well joel does it anyway with his music 

3) Look younger perhaps ..

                           Mom  – ” Uday you look like you are 40 years old”

                           Uday – ” Isnt that good, women like mature men don’t they”

                           Mom – “Yea they do but not older looking” 

4) It matters in the workplace. Sometimes being fat gives an image of being sloppy. Secondly its hard to cover the bulging tummy in office attire. (Looks really bad) Third – Hard fact of life looks to an extent do matter in the corporate world (IM not saying look like brad pitt/ jessica Alba but presentable)( dont buy into the whole no discrimination policy. IE all the good looking people tend to be private bankers) 

So as of 10th May we have decided to embark the journey of burning fat and hence saying farewell flab.